Renovations are looking great.

We are nearing the end of our renovation period and our guests are giving us great feedback about our new renovations. They have commented on the brightness of the hall ways, the new carpet, and furniture. We are really excited for this summer and look forward to serving all of our guests the best way possible. Pictures will be coming soon.

If you are coming to stay with us this summer as part of a group, event, or just passing through, we look forward to having you as a our guest.

Winter in southern Utah!

Picture for a moment the red rock landscape of southern Utah. Even if you haven’t been there, you may have seen pictures. Can you see the rough jagged vista’s of Bryce Canyon or Cedar Breaks? Can you see the sheer walls and hiking trails of Zion National Park? What about the natural bridges found in so many areas of southern Utah. Now image the contrast of pure white snow blanketing these beautiful landscapes and naturally formed structures.

It can only be described as breath taking.

Now imagine yourself blazing a snowy path on a snowmobile a cross Cedar Mountain. Imagine snow shoeing or cross country skiing up to the edge of Cedar Breaks Monument. Take in that clean, crisp mountain air, yell out into the canyon and here your words echo. You’ve done it, you are king of the mountain.

These parks are open and waiting for you to discover them. Cedar City is located right in the heart of several winter destinations, including Cedar Breaks, Zion National Park, and Brian Head Resort. Cedar is the best hub for your southern Utah winter activities. For more info as you plan your trip follow the links below.

Brian Head Resort

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Zion National Park

The deep blue high-altitude shadows contrast the amazing orange of Cedar Breaks National Monument in this snow-dappled, late-autumn scene.

The deep blue high-altitude shadows contrast the amazing orange of Cedar Breaks National Monument in this snow-dappled, late-autumn scene.

Bryce Canyon National Park
Photo Credit: Joe Decker


Thank you Australia!

Our episode of Hotel Impossible was recently shown down under. We have received many messages from those who watched it. We greatly appreciate the best wishes and kind words. We would not have known that it was shown there had it not been for your emails and messages. Thank you! We are very found of our guests that stay with us from Australia. AustralianFlag

Renovations underway

We hope a lot of you got to see us on the Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible. As you can imagine, the experience for our staff was a little stressful. We are not often asked to be on national TV shows. We were very pleased with how much time the episode spent talking and showing our great community. We were overwhelmed with the support we received during filming from all the businesses and volunteers who helped. If you were someone who contributed to the project, thank you. Your attitude for service is one reason our little town is special.

We have received some great feedback from our guests who have stayed with us since the 2nd floor renovation. That being said, we believe that all feedback is good feedback. The 2nd floor received new wall and ceiling texture, paint and several room items that were donated from Hotel Impossible and the businesses who participated.

So you may be wondering…what now.

As of November 2015, the Stratford Court Hotel is again going under renovations. These renovations will include new texture,paint, carpet, furniture, flat screen TV’s and more. We are starting the process on the third floor and in time will work our way through every room.

Due to these renovations and the winter season, our lobby and portions of the hotel will be closed during the winter of 2015/2016. If you have reservations at the Stratford Court during this time period, we have made arrangements for you to check in at the front desk of the El Rey Inn & Suites. The El Rey is located right next door to the Stratford Court. We appreciate you understanding while we make improvements to our hotel.

Travel Channel Feature

On Tuesday, September 22 at 7pm mountain time we will be featured on Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible.  We are excited about the support we have been given by our community for this show.  The improvements to our property are fantastic!  Thank you Cedar City and thank you Hotel Impossible!

The Utah Shakespeare Festival is in full swing

The 2015 season is proving to be very exciting. With fall season preview week coming up we are getting very excited for the upcoming plays. We have had fantastic feedback from our guests about the plays they have seen so far during the summer season.

For more information about the Utah Shakespeare Festival and to buy tickets visit

The 2015 season is the last year this theatre will be used

The 2015 season is the last year this theatre will be used